Why Sell With Us

  • We are an independent real estate business, owned and operated by Kylie Emans since commencement in Cronulla in 2001.
  • We are all Licensed Real Estate Agents, each with at least a decade if not 2 in selling real estate in the Sutherland Shire and St. George area.
  • We specialise in selling property and we sell residential property of all types, sizes and price ranges, especially near the beaches and bays of Southern Sydney
  • Being an established real estate business of 14 years we have a wide network of clients and solid relationships within the real estate industry
  • We use cutting edge, online property marketing that is cost effective yet sophisticated
  • We are industry leaders in social media marketing
  • We focus on the quality of our service, not on quantity of listings
  • We provide a personalised, hassle free approach to selling your property

What We Will Do

  • Work discreetly with buyers and sellers and aim to provide a well informed, friendly, stress free sale.
  • Provide cutting edge marketing using the very latest online technology and social media campaigns. We use blogs, twitter, facebook, youtube, virtual floorplans, email newsletters, google maps…if it’s online, we’re on to it!
  • Provide a professional, ethical service

What We Will Not Do

  • We will not interrupt you and your family during dinner with phone calls harassing you to list with us.
  • We will not chase you after a market appraisal, day in and day out. We figure, if you like us, you’ll let us know eventually.
  • We do not aggressively mass letterbox drop to try and get listings.
  • We do not doorknock (unless specifically asked by a genuine client), and on the odd occasion when that does happen, we will not intimidate you or pressure you to sell.